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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 20, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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1982. it helped the 49ers get to the team's first super bowl. clark went on to become a pro bowler and has his 49er jersey retired. he said in an open letter, he started experiencing the symptoms of als in his left hand in 2015. clark wrote in a letter, quote, i can't run, play golf or walk distances. picking up anything over 30 pounds is a chore. the one piece of good news is that the disease seems to be progressing more slowly than in some patients. we spoke with a professor of neurology at ucfs and she said als affects the nerves and muscles. it affects 1 in 100,000 people and is not genetic. >> alzheimer's, parkinson's, als are degenerative diseases. something triggers the nerve to die, and we don't know what the trigger is. if we did, we could obviously treat the diseases much better than we do.
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>> 49ers president jed york released a statement saying, i was deeply sat lly saddening tof dwight's diagnosis. he'll receive the full and unconditional support of the san francisco 49ers. we will stand alongside dwight and his family as they wage this battle. as far as life expectency goes, people live three to five years people live three to five years after the disease diagnose no diagnosed. diagnosed. >> clark isn't the only one dealing with these. >> he thinks football has something to do with this diagnosis. >> probably does. als, parkinson's, alzheimer's are things we're all dealing with.
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we're all dealing with near rolgs -- neurologists and all -- i don't want to say find out our death sentence -- but find out what we're dealing with. the '40s, all the injuries. '50s, can't remember anything. now, we're dealing with all this. a lot of players will go through what dwight is. >> ronnie lott also played with clark. he said, to live with another one of my best friends struggling with a disease like als is devastating. do whatever you can do fight this disease. >> we have coverage of clark's story on our abc 7 many parents are waiting to hear if their kids will get into the school of their choice. there is a glitch preventing the avissignments from being mailed out. staffing emergencies delayed the process. letters are expected to go out
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today. officials say there's no guarantee families will get into the school of choice, even if the school is in their neighborhood. the stage is set for what could be a showdown on capitol hill today. fbi director james comey will testify before congress and is expected to undercut president trump's wiretapping allegations. janay norman is in washington with the details. >> james comey is expected to set the record straight about the explosive accusation of illegal wiretaps. even as the top republican and democrat on the house intelligence committee agree. >> was there a physical wiretap of trump tower? no. but there never was. >> no evidence to support the president's claim that he was wiretapped by his predecessor. >> reporter: it is already anticipated he'll officially undercut president trump's claim that president obama ordered wiretaps at trump tower, a charge that's left one republican committee member arguing trump should apologize.
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>> never hurts to say you're sorry. >> reporter: last week, trump doubled down and accused the british intelligence community of being involved. >> not just sorry to the president but also to the uk. it doesn't hurt. and it takes away from the rest of his agenda. >> reporter: comey's capitol hill testimony is part of an investigation into how russia interfered with last year's presidential election. and to address the lingering question of whether anyone on the president's team may have helped. an answer democrats and republicans may not yet agree on. >> i would characterize it this way. there is circumstantial evidence of collusion. there is direct evidence, i think, of deception. >> simple answer. no. no evidence of collusion. >> this week, the house will vote on the gop health care bill that even some republicans still say isn't enough. abc news, washington. days before a pivot vote on the gop health care plan, paul ryan is trying to negotiate
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changes to provide more help for older patients. the move is seen as new willingness to compromise and to gain support from moderate republicans. a house vote is scheduled for thursday. ryan says house leadership is fine tuning the bill to address concerns. older people who are not eligible for medicare stand to be the biggest losers. the bill is grinding throughout the house. >> the regular process is to go through four committees. we're going to the rules committee. we feel very good where we are. we're having conversations with members and fine tuning improvements to the bill to reflect people's concerns, to reflect people's improvements. >> the fate of the bill is shaky in the senate, where republicans hold a narrow majority but face challenges from moderates and conservatives. governor brown is heading to washington, d.c. today for the first time since president trump was elected. the governor will be there until thursday for a series of private meetings. one is with nuclear threat initiative. the non-profit works to prevent
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a tax with weapons of mass destruction. new details on a shakeup at uber hours after the company's president resigned yesterday. its vice president of mapping announced plans that he is stepping down. the "new york times" reports he'll leave march 28th. he is actually going to stay on as an adviser to the company. mcclendon's move comes just after we learned jeff jones is stepping down as president. he's been with uber for six months. jones' decision comes after a series of problems with the company that includes ceo c on camera yelling at one of its drivers for lowering rates. >> some people don't like to take responsibility for -- >> [ bleep ]. >> kalanick apologized and promised to get leadership help. an e-mail to employees said jones didn't see a future after it was announced operating officer was being
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searched for. uber is putting more testing miles on to its self-driving cars, though not everything is running smoothly. internal company documents show humans had to step in and take over for the computer at every single mile to keep the cars either driving smoothly or to avoid a possible crash. the cars are getting more experience on the road. they drove more than 20,000 miles last week. that will be in pennsylvania and arizona, where they're testing. that's up from 5,000 miles in january. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> you'll want to find the umbrella before you head out the door today. we'll need it possibly all the way through saturday. let's see what's going on right now. san francisco, glen park, 52. we have 55 if you're coming through the ferry building or across the golden gate or heading toward the financial district. we have 50 in richmond right now. san leandro, 51. palo alto, union city,
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pittsburgh, 51. santa clara, pleasantson, american canyon, 55. let's look at walnut creek. looks quiet right now. i want to put caution on the commute planner for mainly the noon and afternoon times. it is going to be dry this morning. it is going to become a little breezy and showers are coming for all of us, whether we're on the road, on the water or taking mass transit. a look at today's temperatures. not as warm as yesterday. a lot of mid to upper 60s. there's a few upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. low to mid 60s tomorrow. look at that. upper 50s to low 60s. maybe a few mid 60s for wednesday. this is spring but we have spring showers. they're going to get more numerous as we head deeper into the forecast, like tonight, the mid to upper 50s. we'll look at the rain next. alexis? one new issue in the south bay. we have a collision on northbound 101 right around first street. and we've got the two left lanes -- right lanes blocked.
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the left lanes are open. the onramp from brokaw also closed. this is 101 at 880. just south of there, the backup hasn't reached there yet. we have a couple trouble spots in the concord area. i'll have an update in less than ten. >> thanks. a teenager takes a dare to the extreme. the unbelievable risk he took that has paramedics saying he is lucky to be alive. the contentious battle brewing in the ghost ship fire investigation. the prosecutors in the city of oakland are going head to head. something much more cheerful. national puppy day, just three days away. abc 7 is doing what we can to help local puppies find forever homes. we're launching an adoption event on thursday. we want to see the photos of your dog. >> did you see the swiffer dog? >> yes. #puppies on 7. we'll be happy to show them off. >> cute. headed to break right now at 4:39 in the morning. live look at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. not bad. you can keep tabs on live weather and traffic where you live. we'll be right back. >> announcer: the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 1, light rain. keep an umbrella handy and drive safety. track the storm on the abc 7 track the storm on the abc 7 news
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>> announcer: now a live desk
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update from abc 7 mornings. >> 4:42. new from the live desk, a chase in the east bay caught on video. a driver led chp officers on a high speed pursuit through hayward. the driver refused to pull over on southbound 880. just kept going. all the way into san jose. witnesses say the pursuit was called off when the suspect hit surface streets at a high rate of speed. we have reached out to the chp for more details. we're waiting to hear back. the alameda county da's office expected to release information about a new investigative report into the ghost ship fire. new questions about why the d.a.'s office had to wait three weeks to get the report and why it was given to the city attorney first. here's >> reporter: county prosecutors can start considering possible criminal charges in the ghost ship fire but the delay to delivering the report to the d.a.'s office is raising questions in the legal community. >> why was that report given over to the city attorney and, secondly, why did the city
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attorney hold on to that report for at least three weeks? >> reporter: retired superior court judge wonders why it wasn't delivered to the district attorney's office at the same time it was given to parker's office. abc 7 obtained the e-mails from late february, where deputy district attorney expressed his concern, the city's attorney office got it before the district attorney did. the d.a. will have to depend on all evidence in the report if they take any cases to court. >> if charges are filed, any good defense attorney is going to jump all over this. that is the delay and what was going on with this report. >> reporter: in an e-mail from deputy d.a. lim to parker, he insists they need everything they have on the care. they share in the constitutional duty to provide a copy of their report, notes, photographs,
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statements and all other relevant evidence. abc 7 news. we're hearing from one of the woman who was asked for proof of residency before she was served at a southern california restaurant. this happened last week when the 24-year-old, her sister and two friends decided to try this saint marc pub cafe. the waiter repeatedly wanted to see the ids to make sure they were american citizens. otherwise, he said, he couldn't serve them. >> i said, did you ask me this? i got chills throughout my entire body. i was in shock. i think we all were. >> as you might imagine, they complained to the manager, walked out of the restaurant. the restaurant has since fired the waiter and apologized, saying his behavior is not representative of the restaurant and will not be tolerated. it was a show of solidarity in the bay areas hundreds join hands to stand up for muslim americans. the association in santa clara asked faith and non-faith based
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groups to participate in the move from fear to friendship event yesterday. showing support is more important than ever, with muslims feeling attacked by the trump administration. >> i just feel as if we need to be building bridges, and the atmosphere in this country is dangerous right now. >> even though we, you know, might have different ideas or different thoughts, we're still people in the end and we need to get together and work for good. >> the event also featured speakers and information for people to learn more about the muslim faith. a teenager in australia is recovering from severe arm wounds after he jumped into a crocodile infested river on a dare. he was at a hostage 2:30 bragging he could swim in the river known for aggressive saltwater crocodilers. others urged him to do it. after a couple drinks, he did and a crock latched on to him.
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he was luck can i y to escape b the crocodile could drown him. we have a little bit of everything in the weather forecast. hi, mike. >> everybody, yeah, spring came in about an hour ago. actually going to be cooler today. you can see spring storms. now about that? we're going to march in like a lion possibly. especially as we get deeper into the forecast. cloudy and cooler today with a wet pattern beginning. i don't see anything out there now. showers will develop. even thunderstorms are possible tomorrow and wednesday. and our strongest storm is slated for friday and saturday. live doppler 7. show you we do have a southerly fetch of air. that means it is going to be too cold. actually, humid from time to time. it is going to feed the next storm. you can see the area of low pressure is riding the jet stream a little more to the north. but it is going to keep pushing this area of high pressure away from us. that's going to allow those series of storms to roll on in. storm impact scale, just a 1 for today and tomorrow. the showers will be on the lighter side. a little breezy at times,
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especially tomorrow and a chance of thunder tuesday. that's when we could have possibly heavier downpours. 7:00 in the morning, you can see a few blips of green out there. through, i think, lunch, most of us will remain dry. the first wave of showers start to roll in and they'll be mainly out of the north bay and inland east pabay. the least amount of chances, areas i mentioned. overnight, waves of showers. moderate as it rolls through. tomorrow, wet through 9:00. break at noon and another wave of showers and even thunderstorms developing in the afternoon hours. my accuweather seven-day forecast. thunderstorms possible wednesday. looks like thursday will be the driest day. friday and saturday, wet once again. hopefully we'll see sunday in dry. alexis? >> sounds good, mike. most of us are quiet this morning but we have a traffic alert. i'll take you back to the concord area. we actually have two crashes close to each other.
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the first one, a sig alert. southbound 242 past concord avenue. six vehicles involved in a crash. they possibly are related to another collision just north of there. westbound state route 4 to southbound 242. rollover collision. reports into chp that a couple of the vehicles involved were going between 110 and 120 miles per hour before they crashed. we haven't gotten word on injuries yet. we have a crew on the way to the scene to check this out. hopefully we'll get clear information on whether or not the two crashes were related. also, san jose, 101 at 880. not a backup yet but north of here, we have another sig alert. i'll talk about that in less than ten. >> thank you. have you been there? out to dinner on a friday or saturday night and you have to wait forever for your table? technology may be able to change that. restaurants are using a new app called talk, which aims to make sure you get your table. here's how it works. you can reserve a table through talk, but you have to pay at least part of the cost of your
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meal to secure the spot. it helps restaurants cover the cost of no-shows. restaurants that are using talk already say their no-show numbers have gone way down. sesame street about to introduce a new character. find out who she is and how she's drawing awareness to an important cause. the surprise at the end of adele's tour. first this morning's tech bites. in today's tech bites, new details revealed about samsung's galaxy s8. >> reports say the devices may come in shades of black, gray and silver. they'll be priced between $850 and $950 depend on the size. the official unveiling is a week from wednesday. good news for netflix binge watchers. >> the days of seeing the same intro over and over might be numbered. a button would led watchers skip the title sequence. good news for those looking to buy nintendo switch.
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>> more of them are coming in on wednesday. nintendo plans to double production. the console, $300, has been out of stock or ridiculously marked up. some are selling on ebay for some are selling on ebay for $4,000.
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back at 4:53. the sonoma county sheriff's office needs your help finding a missing man. 68-year-old david elliott. last seen late thursday morning. he somehow got away from his
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caregiver while hiking in sonoma regional park. he suffers from dementia, which deputies say affects his sense of direction. call the sheriff's office if you see him. a menlo park fire station is expected to be completed by the end of the year. look at the drone video of the work being down now. the station is being built downtown. that's where an older and smaller station was just demolished. that's dramatic. happening today, caltrans will begin demolishing the south portion of the pfeiffer canyon bridge near big sur. that's video of crews tearing down another part of the bridge over the weekend. it's been a month since the bridge was closed because of landslide damage. a single span steel bridge will replaced this damaged one and could be built in six months. so far, march, much different than january and february. only five wet days. some of those didn't even have
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he ha heavy rain, like last thursday. the 4th through the 7th, wet then. here's what's going to happen. by 7:00 tonight, you can see very light showers. most of us, less than a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. overnight through tomorrow morning during the commute, about 0.2 to 0.5 inch. as we head throughout the day tomorrow, the rain doesn't accumulate much, as we'll have scattered showers and possible thunderstorms. alexis? a sig alert in the south bay. northbound 101 near first street, we have a crash. it's been there about 30 minutes now. the two right lanes are blocked, as is the onramp from brokaw. sig alert has been issued by chp. should be 45 minutes to an hour before we can get that clear. sounds like one of the vehicles involved lost its axel. not a lot backup but down to 6 miles per hour. 680 through walnut creek, you're
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okay. starting your commute in concord, we have other issues. more on that at 5:00. non-suspecting adele fan got the surprise of a lifetime after getting pulled out of the crowd and on to the stage. >> yes, yes! >> adele brought them on stage after she saw one of them burst into tears when she opened her final concert in australia. to her surprise, wade asked chris to marry him in front of the packed stadium. and he said yes. adele says it was not planned. she had no idea there would be a proposal during her show. lovely. >> that is sweet. sesame street introducing a muppet with special needs. meet julia. she has autism and is already a familiar face in the digital and printed storybooks. autism affects 1 in every 68 children according to the cdc. new government surveys place the estimate higher. in her first appearance on sesame street, julia ignores big bird, who things she doesn't
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like him. other muppets tell him she does things differently. see julia on pbs beginning next month. presidentwiretap ing allegations take center stage. what's happening on capitol hill today to prove whether or not there it has merit. support this morning for former 49er dwight clark after he announced he has als. how those that played with him on the field are coming to his side again. side again. abc 7 news now is our way of
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live-streat the airport.e sport binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome.
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the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> announcer: good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> keep the umbrella on stand by this week. >> yes. >> it is spring and it'll be a
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rainy one in the bay area. good morning on this monday, march 20th. 4:59:57. >> very specific. another expert in specificity, mike


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